Career Consultants Corp. – A Review

Career Consultants Corp. is a company that aids you in finding a job. Here is my story of my experiences with their “services.”

I had just finished graduate school and needed a job. I created accounts on CareerBuilder and Monster to look for open jobs. A short time later, I received an email from Career Consultants Corp. It read like this:

We are contacting you because a member of our senior staff has reviewed your resume online and felt that we might be able to assist you in your job search. However, we ask you to forward anotherĀ resumeĀ using Microsoft Word.doc to the attention of Barb our office administrator at and if you qualify, you will be contacted for a free “one on one ” professional career assessment.

The job market isn’t great, so I figured I could use whatever help I could get. I went to their free intro meeting. The salesman talked up the services, the proprietary database, the contacts, the process, the years and thousands and thousands of contacts and previous customers. It sounded good, but it came at a decent price. With reservations, I signed on. I now had 90 days of service that I could then upgrade to a full year if I so desired.

I was assigned a career advisor. “One of the best!” Someone that has years of experience dealing with the job market. We’d meet once or week or so and go over assignments that I was given. The first few weeks were all about creating a new resume. I was to list skills, experiences, desires, etc. These first few assignments were collected into what would become my new resume. Career Consultants Corp. gives you the projects, massages them a little, and then types up the final version. I did the heavy lifting.

After about 3 weeks, my advisor introduced me to their web site database. After 15 minutes of her clicking around and showing me a few sites that provide detailed information on companies, I was wondering when she was going to get to the good stuff. She never did. The extra database access was a joke. It consisted of links to other job-related web sites. Some weren’t free, but others were the same ones you could find on your own. Of course they charge hundreds of dollars extra for this “collection” of sites. The salesman made it sound like it was an indispensable part of the program. It was a waste of every dollar.

The next step was networking. The whole premise behind their “system” is that you increase your network through informal interviews. Rather than applying for jobs directly, the goal is to get you in the door, meet with decision makers and leave a positive impression. Then, hopefully, when they need to hire someone, you already have your foot in the door. That is it. There is nothing else to their services. You spend the next few weeks finding job fields to pursue. Towards the end, you contact people you know for practice informal interviews. You’re supposed to press them for other contacts. And so on. It felt like Amway, but for job searches.

In the end, what did I get? A new resume and a lengthy explanation on how to network. No job. No interviews. No real steps towards getting a job. I’m not saying their system doesn’t work. It’s a good idea. The problem is that it isn’t worth 1/10 of what they charge.

They find their victims through If you’re an engineer, businessman, professional, etc., in the SE Michigan area and have a resume on CareerBuilder, you’ll probably get an email from them. In fact, every time you make a change to your resume on CareerBuilder, they’ll send you another email. Even after my time was up, if I make a change on CareerBuilder, they send me an email.

Save yourself the money and go to They have a few e-books on informal networking as well as finding a job. They have practically the exact same information that Career Consultants Corp. is going to sell you for under $50.

Go to a book store and pick-out about 2-3 books on resume writing. For another $20-60, you’ll have all the tools to make a killer resume that is as good as the one you’ll write with Career Consultants Corp. You will save yourself a LOT of money.